LEMASKA cool air mask black

LEMASKA cool air mask black


LEMASKA Cool Air Mask - Comfortable to breathe with double mesh fabric.


UV protection: 99.9%

Anti bacteria: FDA certificated safe silver-nano fabricFast dryReusable



M: 300mm/ 100mm

L: 315mm/ 115mm


[Additional Filter]
KF80 masks are equivalent to P1 filtration and filter out 80% of particulate matter. Disposable Filter is not attached to the mask. If necessary, use the enclosed double-sided tape at the bottom of the wire.


LeMASKA Disposable Filter _KF 80 passed the KF80 test by Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute (KATRI) on October, 2019.



“According to the MFDS(Ministry of Food and Drug Administration)’s recommendation, employees of hospitals who treat patients directly in hospitals recommend health masks such as KF94, KF99 to protect their respiratory organs from infectious sources. For the general public, wearing a KF 80 mask is said. It is recommended to use a health mask with a filter, but if not, wearing a wind mask to prevent coughs or droplets from being exposed immediately is also helpful.”
- Feb, 25th, 2020/ Eun-kyun
g Chung, Head of the Central Anti-Corona Virus Task Force
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o974Q7jjFE


Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) recommends KF80 to the general public, especially the elderly and children, rather than K94 that is hard to breathe to prevent the Corona virus. However, the medical team treating new patients with the coronavirus informs you that KF94 should be used.





LeMASKA Mask Washing Guide

1) Do not wash in high temperature: Washing in hot water can damage the fabric. We recommend hand wash in cold water.

2) Caution when drying : Avoid direct sunlight. Dry in the shade.

3) Do not iron : High temperature ironing might cause damage on fabric.

4) Do not bleach : Avoid chlorine bleach and use neutral detergent.

- Depending on the product, lint may be caused by excessive friction.

- If the mask becomes damaged, contaminated, or difficult to breathe, replace it with a new one.

- Avoid fire.

- Do not use anything other than the intended use of the product.